Add value to your prints by contour cutting

Add value to your prints by contour cutting

16th January 2017

A recent survey done by Stratojet, found that print service providers that add finishing or add installation to their print output are in fact adding a profit center to their business plan.  A print is a print and the price is typically set according to the competitive market; however a print gains value when you add a unique finish to it.

Now you can add value to your rigid prints.  The Stratojet SharkCut is the ideal companion to your flatbed printer; simply set your print files with a cut file, after printing you sheet, move it to the cutter, set the laser eye on the reference point and send the cut file to the cutter.  Moments later, you will have a contour cut image. If you choose you can also cut a package for mockups, by taking advantage of the creaser and V cut features.

Contact Stratojet to learn how the SharkCut can add value to your print or packaging business.


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