3 Reasons to Replace Your Flatbed Printer

3 Reasons to Replace Your Flatbed Printer

1st November 2018

A broken flatbed printer isn’t the end of the world, but it can certainly feel like. Unfortunately, every printer will come to the end of its functional lifespan eventually. Even worse, it always feels like technology fails at the time you need it most. So if you have a hefty printing season ahead of you and you don’t know that your flatbed printer will make it to 2019, don’t take chances. Buy a backup. Here are three reasons to take that expense now instead of later:

1. Don’t have a fatal error during peak demand.

Once you know your flatbed printer is living on borrowed time, every job gets that much more stressful. But whether it happens on an order for an individual’s banner or for a company’s holiday sale sign, the end is coming. A fatal printer error won’t just ruin the in-progress order and cause delays for their final pickup. It also means all of the orders on your to-do list get pushed back.

Even if you can get a new printer within just a day or two after your old one gives out, that can still cause you a lot of lost profits in terms of delayed or canceled orders.

Instead of nervously waiting for that final crunch, pick a high-quality model new. Acting in advance means you have plenty of time to compare different machines to see which advancements are a good fit for your business. It also means you can pick your new printer based on the machine’s merits instead of based on what your local store has immediately available.

2. B2B delays can ruin your company’s return business.

Delayed print jobs always cause sour feelings. If someone needed a banner or needed to boards printed next day and you’re late, you’ve lost that customer. They may even leave a few negative reviews on local business directories and review sites to make their unhappiness known.

But business customers can do even more damage on their way out. Most businesses will use the same printing company over and over again, either because a relationship has been established or just because you’ve become a registered vendor in their system. But once they decide to cancel their business with your print shop, that loses you access to their regular holiday prep and sales signs. Local businesses also talk at association meetings and municipal functions. Word will get around, and you could lose more contacts to national chains.

Instead of taking the risk, buy a backup early. That lets you switch to the new printer and have only an hour or two of delay. Having a backup available also means you don’t have to make the hard choice between large delays and giving a B2B customer an inferior quality print from a printer on its last legs.

3. A backup lets you double-up on orders for the next several weeks.

The first two benefits listed out how an early purchase of a replacement printer can help protect your company from negative effects. But a backup printer can be a pure win for your company, too. If you’re handling a lot of business because of the holiday season, your regular equipment might not be enough to keep up with demand. A second printer is just the thing to let you take on extra jobs without doubling your hours.

A second printer doesn’t just give you more options when it comes to turning away excess business. If you can also offer expedited prints for large banners and signs without interrupting your regular deadlines. There are always companies who waited a little too long to decide on their holiday theme or who lost their signs in the first major storm of the season.

A backup flatbed printer doesn’t just prevent potential disaster. It can bring in extra revenue. Go to Stratojet USA to browse our selection of flatbed printers and find the perfect fit for your business.

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