4 Benefits Of A Flatbed UV Curable Printer

4 Benefits Of A Flatbed UV Curable Printer

31st August 2018

A flatbed UV curable printer, also known as a UV direct printer, offers a variety of benefits. This could be a game changer within your business. Understanding the various benefits will make it easier for you to determine if this technology is going to be right for your operations.

Employs Green Technology

One of the first benefits is that you will be able to embrace green technology within your operations. Especially UV inks used within a UV curable printer release zero VOCs. This allows you to create a more environmentally friendly printing process. The secondary benefit is that your employees will enjoy working around the printers more as there won’t be a harsh smell in the air.

Fast Production Times

A number of printers are capable of offering dot sharpness and color saturation. However, the production times are slow because of the time it takes for the inks to cure. This can slow down your operations considerably. It may also make it difficult for you to adhere to fast turnaround times that clients demand.

One of the main benefits to using a flatbed UV curable printer is that it offers an instant curing process. You can even have two-sided jobs and enjoy a fast production time with it. The setup time remains the same, too, regardless of what printing process you may be using.

When you are able to speed up production, you can also offer to take on projects that involve a fast turnaround. Even if you charge more for it, it allows your clients to receive what they need. It’s a way to help you stand out from the competition and also provide a high level of customer service.

Lower Costs

Cost should always be a primary factor when choosing printing technology. If the cost is too high, you will, in turn, have to charge your clients more. There will be a breaking point where clients decide that they don’t want to do business with you because of your high costs. When there is a lower cost for printing, you can share the savings with your clients.

UV direct printing is more cost-effective because there is no need for additional labor or materials because there is no need to mount to a second substrate. Additionally, surfaces don’t need to be protected by laminate or placed under glass.

Different Printing Substrates

You also have the ability to employ different printing substrates. There is a low absorption property as well as a quick, hard-driving property with UV direct printing. You can, therefore, choose to create signs on paper as well as many recycled materials. This can be just what is needed for you to establish creative sign solutions and diversify within your industry.

You likely have clients of your own that want to achieve something unique – and by employing this type of printing technology, you can make sure to give it to them. The inks will harden under the outer surface of the substrate, leading to a tougher product. You will find that you can print on a variety of non-porous substrates as well as un-coated stocks.

Investing in new technology can be a difficult decision. However, our goal is to show you the many benefits and help you make this decision. We are confident that you will love flatbed UV curable printers – and we offer a wide selection of models for you to choose from.

Owning a flatbed UV curable printer can be just what’s needed to take your business to the next level. Contact us at Stratojet USA today to learn more about the printer technology and determine what model is right for you.

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