5 Uses of Printing in Business

5 Uses of Printing in Business

4th October 2018

Whatever business you are in, you know how important it is to gain your customer’s attention. In addition, reaching new customers is a critical part of keeping the workflow going. Whether you are in real estate, retail, or the financial industry, marketing is one large part of any business. In the last decade or so, many businesses have discovered the benefits of many technological advances. From digital marketing to UV curable technology, businesses have their work cut out for them. No matter how advanced we become technologically, businesses will always need some basic things. One of those things is printed material. Digital marketing, as helpful as it is to a marketing strategy, cannot take the place of printed words and images. Businesses rely on printed material for more than just advertising. Some other uses for printing in business are:

Signage within an office or store

Just imagine if you didn’t have any printed material in your office or local retailer. It may be difficult to navigate around the place since signage helps us know where things are. It also lets us know we are in the right place. Signage can also help introduce where some departments begin and others end. Signage can tell you what way to go to get to the next place you need to go. A little 8 x 11 inch sheet of paper won’t do the job. For this type of signage, you will need a large format printer that accommodates large sizes. That way everyone can see the material easily.

Window advertisements offering promos

You may reach some people through their smart phone and computers with digital marketing methods, but what about the person who is walking or driving by your location? How can you reach them? Sometimes a person may stop by your place because of what they see in the window. Maybe you have a big promotion going on at the moment that deserves attention. By using the best in printing technology, you can display a huge advertisement letting the passerby know just what promotional you have going on. Or you could display a large printed flag or banner that waves in the wind catching the attention of the cars that pass by. These are customers who may not look at your website and are not on your email list. Yet, they are important to reach, too.

Informational handouts

Brochures and pamphlets are still very relevant in the digital age. Why is that so? The fact is many (or even most) people prefer to have a hard copy of information when deciding to make a purchase or hire services. A professionally printed brochure is a tangible reminder of the business and it is easy to find the information you’re looking for when you have it right in your hand. How many times have you seen something online but then later couldn’t remember where you saw it or what it was exactly? That’s why businesses need to have both written information as well as the digital information. Also, the more senses your material engages, the more likely people will be to remember it.

Trade booth visuals

Some businesses make it a practice to attend conventions or trade shows on a regular basis. This is a perfect opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals as well as meet some new contacts. A large format printer can help you deliver a stunning display. With the ability to print on thick surfaces and a variety of materials, your trade booth will be captivating.

Promotional items

Who doesn’t like a promotional item now and then? Promotional gifts are an important part of leveraging your brand. You can use your business colors and logo to enhance the items you give away thus helping with brand recognition. Large format printers have the capability of assisting you with delivering some amazing promotional items that your customers will love.

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