5 Ways a Small Business Benefits From a Flatbed Printer

5 Ways a Small Business Benefits From a Flatbed Printer

15th January 2018

If you own a small business, then you understand the importance of the printed signage. Signs are a necessary element in any small business. Whether you are highlighting your products, promoting your services, or listing special sales, it is all part of the marketing process. You want to ensure customers see what you have to offer. There is a variety of reasons small businesses use signs. Here are five ways a small business benefits from a wide format printer.

Promote products or services

Displaying your business in the best possible light is a key to your successful marketing campaign. To capture the attention of your audience, you want signage that will stand out with clarity. Wide format printers ensure your graphics have vivid color while maintaining the quality of the copy. Show your customers what you have to offer with these large displays.

Set up your trade show displays

Businesses benefit from exhibiting at trade shows to exchange ideas, showcase their products, and network with others in the industry. Printing and delivering tradeshow graphics are high margin jobs.  With the versatility of flatbed printers, you can print on a wide variety of substrates. With these printers, you can take advantage of the custom-sized widths and lengths to design a foam board display, a corrugated plastic display, or a glass design. Flatbed printers offer you a wide range of printing surfaces to use. As long as the material you are using is 4″ or less thick, it will work in the wide format printer.

Customize printed freebies

Whether you are at the trade show, in the office, or out, every small business wants to hand out freebies. Specialty promotional items featuring your business name, logo, and/or brand message on it are a way to connect with your customers and prospects. Customers enjoy receiving a custom-made item while at the same time you advertise your business in a unique way. True flatbed printers allow you to customize business message on gifts and specialty items.

Make POP stand out

Having an eye-catching point of purchase signage is a necessary element in your office or store. Whether you operate a small retail business or have a contracting business, you can print POP banners, posters, or boards. Feature brand names of products, current sales, regular hours, and/or special messages to the customer. By using consistent color themes, logos, and messages, your signage will enhance your customers’ brand.

Create printed materials quickly and efficiently

Being in business for yourself means you must cut costs where possible and accomplish your tasks as efficiently as possible. The beauty of a flatbed printer is that you can work right from your own production facility without outsourcing.  Having control in-house means you manage job priorities and deadlines. In addition, the UV technology is clean, neat, and fast. The ultraviolet LED lamps cure the ink just about as fast as it hits the paper. This means you never have to worry about smudges, running, or wet ink. Your creations will be out and ready to display quickly.

As as a small business entrepreneur managing print production, consider the benefits of a flatbed printer. In addition, this type of printer is a cost saver and is low-maintenance. A flatbed printer offers you versatility, quality, clarity, and efficiency. Contact Stratojet USA today to learn more about our wide selection of wide format printers.

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