Why Choose UV Curable Technology for Your Next Printer

Why Choose UV Curable Technology for Your Next Printer

11th April 2018

If you are in the retail business, you probably handle a lot of wide format printing. From oversized signs to banners to store windows, printing is an integral part of marketing your product. There are numerous reasons why retailers use large format printers aside from the ones mentioned. It not only makes your products stand out, it sometimes is the only way for customers to see important information, such as product sales, separate department sections, and eye-catching images of what you sell. Some businesses find wide format printing useful for event booths, customer giveaways, and branding. One benefit of large format and roll-to-roll printers is the UV curable technology. This unique technology is beneficial to businesses in several ways.

What is UV curing?

UV curing is a drying technique that got its start in the 1960’s and has rapidly gained in popularity with several industries. What makes UV curing so unique? The drying process is different in that it doesn’t use heat. Instead, it relies on a photochemical reaction to dry the ink. This chemical reaction occurs when ultraviolet and visible light come together in certain amounts. This technology relies on ultraviolet light, which are waves from the light spectrum between 200 nm – 400 nm (nanometers). When light waves are in this part of the spectrum, they are applicable for adhesive uses.

Benefits of UV curing technology for businesses

Discovering innovations that make work processes simpler is important for businesses. Companies that invest in UV curable printers will gain advantages for their business. Some of the advantages are as follows:

Facilitate printing jobs quicker

Whatever business you’re in, you want to complete your tasks efficiently. Spending extra time when it’s not necessary is a drain on the company. Time wasters eat away at your productivity. How does a UV curable printer save you time? When you print, the ink dries almost instantaneously. This means your job is completed as it comes off the printer. You can have the printed project ready for use right away. This is a great time saver.

Produce more excellent prints

Another benefit of the instant drying that comes with UV curing is that you will produce much better prints. If you have to wait several minutes or more for the ink to completely dry, you risk dust particles settling down on the print. This has the potential to greatly diminish the quality of your finished product. Dust or smudges in your prints will also affect the quality of your brand image. However, when you always produce high-quality work, it will boost your company image.

Save space

You may be wondering how you can save space with UV curable technology. Are the machines smaller? Not necessarily. However, with other printers that don’t use this technology, you have to wait for them to dry. This means you will need space to lay them out to dry. When your product is finished right off the press, then you won’t need to use up space you don’t have to wait for them to dry. You can move on to the next project.

Cut expenses

Using a UV curable printer helps minimize your costs. First, because you save time, you save money too. Anytime you don’t have to spend time on a project but get it done quicker, you are free to do other jobs. Productivity and increased efficiency always mean an increase in money saved or earned.

Using the best available printing technology will be a boost for your business. Enjoy amazing quality prints all while reducing drying time. At Stratojet USA, we deliver top of the line wide format printers that utilize UV curable technology. Contact us for more information.

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