Flatbed Print Beyond Signage

Flatbed Print Beyond Signage

16th December 2016

Stratojet’s flatbed printers are being used in more applications than the printer was originally designed for. Customers now print on a wide variety of substrates producing plaques for offices, awards and all sorts of promotional items. From inspirational messages on wood to unique shaped acrylic souvenirs, the Shark UV printers can print on most substrates.
Namrata Nandrazog co-owner said: “The true flatbed printer with a moving gantry allows users to precisely load and re-load items  or media and ensure the image repeats its self in precisely the same spot over and over. You can’t achieve this with a belt driven systems.”

Flatbed UV curable printer

The Stratojet EFB-2512 with up to 4” media thickness, is an incredible printing tool that consistently performs on a wide variety of substrates, including PVC, foam board, glass, steel, wood, corrugated plastic and many more substrates.

Call Stratojet today and let us know your unique printing needs. We manufacture the equipment, so we can build the right printing system for needs.

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