Benefits of Roll to Roll Printers for Your Business

Benefits of Roll to Roll Printers for Your Business

3rd July 2018

If you are in business for yourself, then you’ve probably wondered about ways to reduce costs, increase sales, and do things productively. Some of the tasks that businesses do on a regular basis seem more practical to outsource while others are better to keep in-house. You have marketing, content development, printing, accounting, and more to take into consideration. One thing is certain, how to be more successful is on the mind of every business owner. When it comes to your printing needs, and there are printing needs, let’s look at how owning a roll to roll printer will benefit your business.

Delivers instantaneously

Sometimes you need a job printed out right away. You don’t have the time to line up a printer, discuss the details, and wait for someone else to complete the job. With a roll to roll printer, you have the ability to complete the task at hand right then and there. The fantastic delivery speed will wow even the most impatient business owner. And to top it off, your printed material is dried as it’s coming off the press, using Stratojet’s Shark II UV roll to roll. You really can’t get any faster than that. That’s why it’s referred to as instantaneous delivery.

Produces high-quality prints

The quality of a roll to roll printer is unsurpassable. Using superior quality materials to construct this printing machine, the Shark II is top of the line in printers of its kind. To ensure the fine print quality that people insist on having in their printed material, the Shark II roll to roll printer uses 1200 dpi as well as Accurate Dot Placement Technology (ADPT). ADP technology ensures correct placement of each specific dot of ink as well as calibrating the color across different speed settings. What you end up with are crystal clear realistic images. Even skin tones are perfected with a unique gradation technique. High quality graphics is essential in any business.

Uses a wide range of material types

Every business has different demands. Some businesses need printed material on traditional materials while others want to work with vinyl, flexible, and non-flexible materials. It’s convenient to have the option to print a large vinyl banner or print on flexible plastic. With a roll to roll printer, your choices are limitless, which is a plus for your marketing and sales departments.

Handles a range of widths and thicknesses

Dive into a variety of textures, sizes, and shapes when you use the roll to roll printer. The width of substrates you can use for this printer expands to 131″ wide. That means you can display large signage if you choose or print full display boards for conferences or trade shows. In fact, there are countless uses for that width of printing. But that’s not all. The roll to roll printer can also accommodate up to 20 mil thickness, which is 0.5 mm. You can get creative with your printing projects and fulfill a wide range of needs you may have, including media for soft signage which has been one of the most growing application with the Shark II.

Investing in a roll to roll printer is something to consider if you want the flexibility to create those printing jobs whenever you’re ready. In addition, you will have the awesome quality that makes your brand stand apart as excellent. The stunning images and clarity of color and text will catch the attention of those who view your printed materials. At Stratojet USA, we offer a wide selection of wide format printers to meet small and large business needs. Connect with us today for more information about how you can streamline your business with a roll to roll printer today.

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