High-Quality Packaging Printers

High-Quality Packaging Printers

28th January 2019

Essential for Manufacturers, Distributors, Marketers, and Retailers

When we think of the advantages of shipping promotional materials and products directly to consumers, we are surprised that many small and medium companies still don’t have their own wide format printer.

What’s more, purchasing one of our types of commercial printers is a sizeable investment, for sure, but it also enables a company like yours to eliminate printing service overhead, which can translate to high labor and material costs. When you have your own packaging printer, you can prepare professional-looking wrappers for cartons and attractive flyers and mailers without the high cost of outsourcing to a printer.

With our help, you can also train your staff to use your packaging printer only when needed, which ensures that it remains in good operating condition.

Why Packaging Affects Your Brand

We hate to admit it, but first impressions are very important in almost every industry. They make or break a customer’s experience. If you have a low markup on a product, then we understand you really need to control the costs of packaging. However, going with the cheapest packaging will just underrepresent the product.

*Packaging is what people see first when they receive a package or a piece of mail.

If you got an item in the mail that was wrapped in plain packaging, you might not be impressed. If the quality of the product inside was satisfactory, you might purchase from the company again, however, the packaging wouldn’t help you to remember the brand name. The next time you place an order for that type of product or a related item, you might choose a different company. The plain packaging rendered the brand forgettable. The company lacked a brand-reinforcing color scheme and/or packaging that sets it apart from its competitors.

*Packaging reflects on the quality, professionalism, and customer service of your company.

At the same time, boring packaging or poorly wrapped packages will cause you to question what a company stands for and whether its employees spent any time preparing your order prior to shipping it. You may not want to deal with the company again because its packaging was of poor quality and because the overall presentation of the products didn’t meet your standards. The opposite is also true. High-quality packaging which a company prints on its own packaging printer and uses to wrap its products will remain in your memory. It will suggest positive things about the brand. The total presentation will encourage you to make a repeat purchase.

*Packaging tells your brand story.

If your company invests time in developing its own brand story, then there will be specific colors and logos that are used in the packaging of every product and marketing material. These colors will be the same as your employees wear on their uniforms and the same colors appearing on the company’s website and stationery and in their print ads. Consumers make repeat purchases from brands they trust.

*Packaging must protect your materials from damage during transit.

You and your packaging experts can purchase a high-quality packaging printer to produce attractive wrappers and envelopes for all types of products and correspondence. Anything less is not going to impress your customers or reinforce your brand. If you will be wrapping very large packages or printing massive quantities of the same product’s smaller wrappers, you may need to invest in a roll-to-roll printer.  Some of our printers can produce a roll up to 100 feet long.

At Stratojet USA, we’ve been manufacturing high-quality packaging printers for nearly two decades, and we’re here to help you determine if a new printer is right for your current marketing needs. For additional information, please contact us today.

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