Increase Your Business With a Wide Format Printer

Increase Your Business With a Wide Format Printer

6th February 2019

What is considered a wide-format printer? In the home printing world, anything that prints on paper wider than the standard 8 1/2″ by 11″ is considered wide format. However, in the business world companies are demanding printing done in wider and wider formats. As a printing business, you already have some wide format printers, but may be limiting yourself with outdated equipment. What do you do, send your big jobs out of house? If so, you are incurring much higher costs as well as losing the supervision of quality control.

Market Growth

According to MarketsandMarkets‘ forecast, the large format printer market, in terms of value, is expected to grow from USD 8.37 Billion in 2017 to USD 10.59 Billion by 2023.

Types of Wide Format Printers

Roll to Roll Printers

  • Hawk 72 Ecoclean – consistent print quality up to 1440dpi, prints up to 72″, low production costs, cutting-edge color choices, clean inks, low VOC”s. It comes with the Ultra Print RIP software by Stratojet.
  • Shark UV Led – print quality up to 1200dpi, size up to 131″, prints on a variety of flexible coated and uncoated surfaces, self-cleaning print heads, production speed up to 1050 feet per hour, unparalleled support with technicians who can remotely access your printer with a temporary password you provide.

Roll to roll printers are used for flexible product printing.

Flatbed/Hybrid Printers

  • Shark FB 1212 – 4′ by 4′ substrate printer, prints rigid thicknesses up to 3″, 1200dpi grayscale resolution, Ricoh printheads, UV/led lamps, start with the basic components and upgrade as your business grows by adding more printheads, white ink or clear coat varnish.
  • Shark EFB 2512 – prints the widest range of rigid and flexible surfaces up to 4″ thick and 4′ by 8′ sheets,1200dpi grayscale resolution, affordability in operation and ink, ZDep printed depth perception technology.
  • Shark FB 2032 – which prints sizes up to 6.5′ x 10′, Shark FB 2512 – prints sizes up to 8′ by 4′, Shark FB 2532 – prints sizes up to 8′ by 10′. Flatbed with Roll-fed option, up to 5″ thickness, 1440dpi grayscale quality, auto detection of media thickness, anti-crash sensors, upgradable applications

All of Stratojet’s printers boast of low-cost clean ink with low VOC’s, or UV ink with fast drying time. Production speed will dramatically cut costs, as well as the ease of operation. Stratojet supports you as the customer with whatever help or technical needs you may have.

What Can You Produce?

Indoor and Outdoor Large Signage

Retail giants such as Walmart, Macy’s and Michael’s have a demand for larger signs to attract attention inside and outside of their stores. Wouldn’t a $100,000 order from one of them add dollars to your bottom line? Instead of sending your order to someone else that can handle the larger printing you would maintain control and all the profits.

Vehicle Wraps

More and more businesses and organizations are discovering the flexibility of vehicle wraps. They neatly customize all the vehicles in the fleet with business name and information. If in the future if something changes, the wrap is easily removed and replaced with another.

Window Graphics

Large window graphics for businesses and organizations promoting their business or next campaign. Poster size is a thing of the past.


A banner spanning the space of an overhead area mounted on the business. Banners are usually more temporary and advertise sales or events.

The above can all be done on the roll to roll printers. When using a flatbed printer the choice of substrates increases.

Corrugated Plastic

Signs, and pictures directly onto the durable surface.

Foam Board

Print directly onto this economical surface without having to bond the paper on it.


Print directly on acrylic with a special ink technology. Also, think, cutting boards with a design underlay.


Print photos or advertising graphics directly onto glass.


Print photos or artwork directly onto wood surfaces.

Ceramic Tiles

Custom designs or advertising can be printed directly onto ceramic tile.

Cell Phone Cases

You can print unlimited designs on cell phone cases.

You are only limited by your imagination on what you can produce. After choosing your new wide format printer, make samples of what can be done. Whether you do small runs, large runs for corporations, or even make your own retail line you will be ready to hold onto all the profits with your new printer. Also, check into business tax benefits with the depreciation of new equipment.

Stratojet is interested in seeing your company grow with the best printing solutions for you. We have been creating high-quality solutions to the print industry since 1996. Contact us for your business growth printing needs.

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