Large Format Fabric Printers

Large Format Fabric Printers

29th March 2019

Large-format fabric printers let you turn around custom jobs with unprecedented quality and speed. For many kinds of displays, cloth that flaps in the breeze is more attractive and professional-looking than paper.

Fabric printing can put images on clothing, flags, banners, panels, tablecloths, and advertising displays with art or logos in vivid color. Our printers support rolls as wide as 122 inches. One-off and short-run jobs are easy, with minimal setup requirements. Production jobs can be as large as you need, generating all the output in a single run.

You can choose a direct-to-fabric printer or one that prints to sublimation paper for transferring with a heat press. Direct to fabric is quicker and takes less floor space, but dye sublimation usually produces more vivid colors with less bleed-through.


If you can create the design on a computer, you can print it. The output can include photographs, text, line art, colors and gradients, or any combination. If the output doesn’t look the way you wanted, you can make any needed changes to the art and do another run. You can create a wall-filling display banner and supplement it with smaller displays using the same artwork.

High quality and vivid color

Anyone can print a T-shirt, but nothing matches the quality of full-color digital fabric printing. Resolution as high as 1200 DPI lets you produce materials that will look great even under close inspection. People will touch the cloth, half expecting the objects in the image to really be there.

You can clean up photographic images on the computer, scale artwork up or down, and adjust the colors so they’ll look their best in the final product. We include RIP software to ensure consistent, accurate color.

Fast turnaround

Fabric printing gets a design from your computer screen to the finished product in minutes. Whether you’re creating a single item or a production run, you have the output without wasted time. Our Piranha printer can output as much as 1050 square feet per hour (409 square feet per hour for high quality). Run a single item for verification, then print as many as required. They will look just like the proof item. Changes, if they’re needed, are quick, and you can run off another proof immediately.

Economy of resources

With digital fabric printing, you use only the amount of material you need. You can replicate a design into a grid of tiles to make the most economical use of the roll, then cut it to the required purpose. Whatever material isn’t printed on remains available for later use.

Screen printing is very wasteful of ink. Digital fabric printing uses only the ink or dye which the fabric needs. It doesn’t require any washing or disposal of excess ink. It’s less messy, more economical, and more environmentally friendly.

Market opportunities

Fabric printing is one of the fastest-growing areas of digital printing, and it attracts high-end orders. A shop that can produce quality output to fabric with quick turnaround is in a position to attract and keep some of the best customers. When they see what you can do on fabric, they’ll come to you for other printing work as well.

Each type of fabric has its own ink, materials, and processing requirements. Talk with one of our printing experts to make sure you choose a printer that matches your production needs.

Stratojet has over 20 years of experience in the large-format printer industry. All our products come with support from expert engineers. When you go to Stratojet for a fabric printer, you know you’re getting the quality and support which our name always stands for.

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