Large Format Roll-to-Roll Printers (Roll-Fed Printers)

Large Format Roll-to-Roll Printers (Roll-Fed Printers)

29th April 2019

Large-format roll-to-roll printers, also known as roll-fed printers, are a mainstay of many print shops. They support high-volume jobs without reloading media. They’re suitable for many kinds of material, including:

  • Paper
  • Textiles
  • Canvas
  • Vinyl
  • Banners
  • Vehicle wrap
  • Static cling film

Ready for the big jobs

Gaining and keeping the best customers requires versatile equipment, high quality, and competitive turnaround times. Our printers are equipped to deal with one-off items or high-volume runs.

Roll widths can be as large as 131 inches (3.3 meters), with resolution as high at 1440 DPI and speeds up to 1350 square feet per hour. With suitable materials, you can produce anything from large sheets of detailed text to huge advertising signs and outdoor displays. The Falcon XL 3300 UV/LED printer handles the biggest jobs with high speed, outstanding color, and low maintenance and ink costs.

Our printers come with professional RIP software to deliver accurate, consistent color. Accurate Dot Placement Technology™ works with the color management software to deliver the precise droplet size and positioning that makes every detail clear and accurate.

If you already have a hybrid printer and are using it to capacity, a dedicated roll-to-roll printer will increase your productivity. It means more throughput and faster turnaround, letting you satisfy the most insistent customers. With the extra capacity, you won’t have to turn big jobs down.

Saving on total cost

Budgeting for a printer needs to consider not just the purchase price but the total cost of ownership. Our printers are designed to keep costs down over their lifetime through reliable construction, environmentally friendly inks, and high efficiency.

Keeping ink waste and disposal cost down is important to controlling a printing budget. Our Hawk 72 EcoClean uses environmentally friendly CleanInks, giving you uncompromising color quality with the lowest cleaning and disposal costs.

Downtime is a cost you want to avoid. It not only means less billable work done but may discourage customers from coming back. A printer that rarely malfunctions and gets prompt service is always ready to generate revenue.

Choosing a printer

When you select a roll-to-roll printer, you need to consider several factors.

  • Maximum roll size. What is the widest material you expect to deal with?
  • Ink technology. Is UV curable, inkjet, or some other printing technology best for the jobs you will handle?
  • Types of substrate. What will you be printing on? If your expected mix or jobs includes rigid substrates, you may want to consider a flatbed or hybrid printer.
  • Roll capacity. The bigger and heavier the rolls a printer can handle, the bigger the jobs it can run without reloading.
  • Floor space. Be sure you have enough space to accommodate the printer, including space around it for loading and removing material. Allow space for any cutting, mounting, and laminating equipment you may need.
  • Software compatibility. Is the printer compatible with your preferred software? If not, is there other software that will do as good a job?
  • Maintenance requirements. Figure maintenance and supplies into your schedule and budget.
  • Reliability and service. Choose a printer that will keep working for years for the best return on investment.

Support you can count on

All our printers are designed for serviceability. When you buy any Stratojet product, you get support from our expert engineers. Most printing problems are application-related, so we train all our support personnel in applications as well as in printing hardware. We have over 20 years of experience in large-format printing, and we stand behind all our products. Our roll-to-roll printers come with the quality and confidence you expect from Stratojet. Contact us or one of our approved resellers to learn how a Stratojet printer can improve your market opportunities and productivity.

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