Streamline Your Business with an Onsite Fabric Printer

Streamline Your Business with an Onsite Fabric Printer

29th May 2018

Small businesses often rely on a lot of third-party services to stay focused on their core business function. You might have an online service for your invoicing, a managed IT support service so you don’t have to hire a dedicated IT employee, and even a marketing firm to grow your online presence. But some things shouldn’t be handled by a third-party provider. Keep your fabric printing and design software in your store so you can control the quality and speed of production. Buying your own fabric printer also helps your business because:

You can specialize in custom graphic design printing.

There is always a large demand for small business graphics. Corner the market on promotional and employee materials that local businesses need to launch a new store or promote a seasonal sale. You can print logos, slogans, and full-sized images across t-shirts, flags, which is a growing trend for customer-facing associates. Fabric signs and banners are also popular advertising tools for window displays. If you have a wide-sized fabric printer onsite, you can control the local supply of fabric printed graphics.

A high-quality fabric printer can bring you more than commercial business. Your local school district needs a supplier for fabric-printed goods ranging from school t-shirts to athletic sweatshirt jackets. School districts tend to prefer local businesses because they negotiate rates, customize production standards, and work with your business directly. But you need the right hardware to keep up with demand, especially during popular sports seasons and homecoming.

Fabric printers help you diversify your business.

The first thing most people think of when they imagine fabric printers is printed t-shirts. This will be the bulk of your business. Businesses need corporate t-shirts and polos, individual schools and pre-kindergartens need t-shirts for field trips, and local tourist attractions will sell novelty shirts in their shops. You can even branch out into personal t-shirt orders for gifts and family reunions.

But t-shirts aren’t the only product you can offer with an onsite fabric printer. You can print designs on:

  • textile or athletic bags.
  • promotional signs. More and more companies want long-lasting banners printed on high-quality fabrics instead of paper. Offer a range of vinyl, linen, and satin materials to reach every niche.
  • custom fabric and ribbons. Everything can be customized, and that includes draperies, home decor, and even fabric for local Etsy shops.

The more you can diversify your business with the same set of tools, the stronger and faster your company can grow. Look for a large fabric printer that can supply all of your future demand.

You can offer quick turnaround.

Even with the explosion of one-day shipping and fast delivery, custom t-shirts and fabrics still take time. This can be disconcerting to new buyers who are used to fast response times and waited too long to place an order with another vendor. Having a fabric printer in town gives you a great competitive advantage because you can control the rate of order fulfillment without worrying about delivery.

Printing onsite also streamlines potential edits and confusion. When customers walk into your store, they can describe exactly what they have in mind. You can even print a sample to ensure their image and design looks exactly like what they imagine. Customers will appreciate the quick response time and the easy ability to modify their orders.

If you have a growing printing or apparel business, you need the right tools to maximize that growth. Turning your business into a one-stop shop for custom design, printed apparel, and unique fabrics will help you corner the market. Go to Stratojet USA to see which fabric printer fits your business and your future business plan.

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