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Service and Support

StratoJet is totally committed to our customers, after providing you the right fit of printing equipment for your company, to support you and keeping you operational. We understand how imperative it is to your business that your printer is printing at full capacity, all the time. This is why all our print solutions are designed from the ground up, unlike any other manufacturer, with our Remote Service System. Our techs are StratoJet trained and authorized engineers, most with 10+ years’ experience with wide format hardware and software.

The StratoJet Difference

95% of all service calls, throughout the print industry, are internal software issues. But because this is burned into the motherboard, it requires a tech to travel to your site and stand in front of the printer to access a printers’ operational functions for most any issues. With StratoJet printers, our techs can access 100% of the printer’s functions, resolving most all issues saving you money and days downtime!

StratoJet doesn’t burn its software into the printer’s motherboard but locates all our software in a PC tower. For this reason, StratoJet has true phone, 24hr online and app support. If a technician would need to change a part, they have already have identified the issue remotely and bring the correct part.


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