Technology Overview: Flatbed UV Curable Printer

Technology Overview: Flatbed UV Curable Printer

27th November 2017

Flatbed printers are widely used in printing processes where it is necessary to transfer images using digital technology to a wide variety of materials such as plastic, paper, cloth, film – and even wood, carpet, tile, metal, or glass. Flatbed printers have been a mainstay in commercial printing operations, often taking the place of older print technologies such as screen printing.

The UV curing process as applied to print technology is the drying method used when printing high-value materials such as point of purchase displays (POP) and signage. The photochemical process uses high-intensity ultraviolet light to instantly cure (or dry) coatings, inks, and adhesives. This is not a new process, as it was developed in the 1960s, but it is currently replacing many thermal drying techniques that are solvent-based.

Benefits of Flatbed UV Curable Printer Technology

The marriage of UV curing processes with flatbed printer technology has developed into Flatbed UV Curable Printer options that take best of both worlds when producing luxury print materials. When files are printed using this printer technology, there are no pollutants from solvents expelled into the environment, making these printers a favored choice for in-house printing operations.

Additionally, adhesion quality and coating thickness are far better with UV curable printers. Large-scale printing operations know that time means money. The fewer operations required to obtain premium results means time and costs are minimized. Flatbed UV printers eliminate the need to pre-coat the printing surface, except when printing on glass which should be primed or pre-treated for a permanent bond.

For high-quality, luxury print jobs, the end result is what the customer will remember and value. These printers are finding huge success due to the consistently impressive color saturation on substrates and solid materials. The UV curing process converts the ink into a polymer substance – the resulting printed material is highly durable and is resistant to moisture, heat, rubbing, and fading

Applications for Flatbed UV Curable Printers

Because of the excellent color value and fine pigmentation of UV inks that can range from transparent to translucent, the result is very clean color, especially when using the four-color graphics printing process. Since UV curing inks dry very rapidly, that means faster printing per project.

The print possibilities are endless for flatbed UV curable printers as the technology continues to show impressive results for many commercial printing applications:

  • Rigid Surface Printing – on a wide variety of substrates that measure up to 4″ thick
  • Printing on Flexible Substrates – as new UV ink, cracking issues are eliminated
  • Vivid Colors – and hardness which is ideal for outdoor signage
  • POP Display Printing – which requires high-impact, durable prints
  • Large-format Printing – for indoor or outdoor banner applications
  • Instant Dry Capability – for fast non-stop production runs

The Trend Towards Flatbed UV Curable Printers

Technology for both flatbed printers and UV-curing technology has advanced to where the quality of the printer output is not only of higher quality, but it is also much faster. Flatbed UV curable printers have become an affordable option for commercial printing to where even small businesses can take advantage of the technology. Most businesses are seeing a return on their investment as UV flatbed printers actually reduce labor and save money in operating expenses.

Expect the UV curing market to continue growing steadily, particularly for applications such as rigid outdoor signs. This area of printing has traditionally been a difficult and expensive printing endeavor, but with today’s flatbed UV curable printers these challenges have been removed.

Contact us for your high-performance, large format flatbed printer technology demands. Whether you require outdoor signage, window displays, floor graphics, flags or plaques – the Flatbed UV Curable Printer is the right technology for the job.

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