The Power of Imagery: Why Use a Large Format Printer

The Power of Imagery: Why Use a Large Format Printer

1st March 2019

We’re often surprised that marketing professionals in medium to large companies are satisfied with securing a few quotes from professional printing services. Their focus tends to be on finding the bottom line instead of examining the details. They need a printing quote from the nearest service so they can move on to organizing people and materials for the next project.

Are you a marketing type who often asks this question:

“How much will the digital print job cost?”

Next, they add the printer’s job cost to the cost of materials (if these are sourced elsewhere) and then proceed to determine if the total cost fits their budget for an event or a project. These same individuals fail to perform a bit of research, which could point to the reality – they’re being overcharged by the printing service. Marketing professionals may not appreciate the notion that it’s often more cost-effective to acquire a large-scale printer and produce bigger materials within the company. On the front end, it would take the purchase of a large format printer and training the personnel to operate the machine. As a large format printer manufacturer who believes in our machines, we provide technical support for each printer, regardless of size or price.

What Do You Want to Print?

At Stratojet USA, we are excited to offer a variety of printers that meet the needs of diverse companies around the U.S. We have large format printers and fabric printers. We have inkjet printers that offer a large selection of color combinations which are sure to meet the needs of most audiences. We also guarantee our inks are protected with a finish that ensures they will withstand the test of time. Once photographic prints or graphic prints are exposed to light, they will begin to break down, but new printing technologies help images to last longer than techniques employed by manufacturers just twenty years ago.

Common Types of Printing

There are two major types of printing that are commonly found in large format printers.

  • Thermal transfer printer. This type of printer does not actually impact the printing surface. There is a printhead within the machine with pins that are heated. These pins will either melt a wax-based ink onto the paper or burn dots onto coated paper. The computer microprocessor within the printer is responsible for determining which pins will be heated in order to create a seamless graphic.
  • Ink sublimation printer. This type of machine is perfect for printing onto fabrics. When the machine heats up the specialized ink, it changes from a solid to a gas. Then, the gas gets embedded into the fabric material. After the ink cools, it becomes a permanent component of the fabric. This means that your transferred design adds no additional layer to the fabric surface. The finished surface is smooth and contains the image. Under normal wear-and-tear, the fabric maintains the image in its original condition. Over time, however, due to machine washing or other processes, an image may break down.

Quoting a Large Format Print Job

If you need to complete a commercial printing job, it’s typical to specify the number of prints by size, color quality, and type of printed surface. We make high-quality machines that transfer images onto many materials, including wood, plastic, textile, metal, paper, and cardboard. Instead of outsourcing your large format print jobs indefinitely, we encourage you to get a free quote on a large format printer. It might amount to less than the total you spend on print jobs per month, per quarter, or per year. Don’t keeping wasting your production dollars!

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