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Producing Unique High Quality Solutions To The Print Industry Since 1996

With over 20 years in the large and grand format print industry, Stratojet begun production of world-class print solutions in 2010.  Built with the highest quality components, our solutions are designed from the ground up with serviceability in mind and continually strive to give our customers:

  • Second to none, reliable and consistent print quality
  • Reduce the customers total cost of ownership
  • Application support

Service has been paramount to our success; we evolved developing reliable solutions to ensure customer uptime. We pride ourselves in delivering world class printing solutions that include unparalleled support.

Stratojet USA manufactures a variety of flatbed printers and cutter to address different needs:

  • Shark FBR is our fast and versatile UV curable printer
  • Shark EFB prints high quality 4’x8’ at a low entry price point
  • Piranha is the most productive and versatile dye sublimation printer in its class
  • Shark II UV is our grand format printer designed to print on flexible materials
  • Shark Cut is a 5’x 8’ flatbed cutter that cuts, Vcut and creases a wide variety of substrates up to 1” thick
  • Our low entry cost Shark E72s takes up to 72″ roll media

Contact us to provide you with detailed information on how Stratojet can help your business thrive.

About our technology

The entire software and hardware architecture is based on our mantra of simplicity.  From quick loading and unloading to keeping a consistent colors print after print, Stratojet has designed printing solutions around the needs of the print operator.  We look at heavy production environments and the number of steps needed to print accurately and consistently.  To quick load a sheet on a flatbed printer, we use alignment pins; to quickly change a sheet, the software allows the user to print in reverse mode, hence saving time when reloading.

Stratojet incorporates Accurate Dot Placement Technology (ADP) with its printer software.  ADP ensures smooth color transitions and improved midtones.  Traditional inkjet printers using stochastic technology overlap ink dots and increase the number of passes to make a high quality image.  Stratojet’s ADP technology uses fewer passes with a smaller drop sizes.  The ink drops are closer to each other, but do not overlap.  The drop placement is so precise, that if the same print file was printed twice without moving the media, the ink drops will fall in exactly the same spot.

Customized options

Most platforms are built modular to offer you options that you can choose. Some options are:

White ink

An option on most of our solutions, white ink is particularly useful to print on rigid substrates that are not white, such as translucent substrates like glass or acrylic or any other colored substrate.  You can choose to overcoat, undercoat or spot white.  For those who need to print white ink often, there is an option to double up on white; this means to add an entire channel to white ink and hence increase printing speed.

White ink flush system

Should you choose the white ink option, you can reduce cost and ensure printhead performance with Stratojet’s exclusive on board flush system.  This system allows you to temporarily disable the white ink, allowing you to print with colors while ensuring the printhead does not get damaged and does not continue to spit and waste ink.  The moment you need the white ink back, it takes only seconds to bring it back and there is no additional calibration needed.

ZDep® Printed depth perception (3D)

This option uses patented technology to print depth perception directly on to plain acrylics or glass.  The system works combining Stratojet’s software, HW, inks and varnish.  The specially prepared file is reversed printed and then a spot pattern of micro bubbles is printed on the front side of the substrate.

ZDep is NOT lenticular printing, it is better:

  • No need to buy expensive lenses, just get acrylic media
  • Easier to set up and never worry about the pitch or alignment or expensive lamination
  • No text size restrictions
  • Print any size up to 4’x8’ with consistent results, print after print
  • No 37⁰ to 49⁰ viewing angle restrictions. The product you are selling (printing) can be viewed from any angle 170⁰
  • You can see the depth perception effect from any angle, looking side to side or up and down

Stratojet’s ZDep gives you a differentiating tool by enabling your company to print eye catching output.  Consult with us to demonstrate how ZDep can have an impact on your business.

Varnish (also called clear coat)

This option allows you make a particular text or logo/image stand out by printing varnish on top of the specified area. The final result is an embossed look that is sure to attract people’s attention. Varnish can also be used as a flood throughout the image; hence adding a gloss or semi-gloss look to the entire image.

Roll to roll

Add the option to print up to 100” wide rolls with most of our flatbed print solutions.


Ask about adding print speed without sacrificing quality. On most print solutions, you can add productivity either at the initial installation time or later on as your print demand increases.

Applications and Substrates

We offer a wide variety of print solutions, consult with your reseller or with us about your specific needs. These are some of our customer’s most popular substrates and applications they print on:

  • Point of purchase displays using: corrugated plastic, foam board, PVC, aluminum composite, recyclable and compostable substrates and more.
  • Office dividers using: glass
  • Brilliant front/backlit displays using: acrylic
  • Writing surfaces using: glass or Dry-Erase boards
  • Packaging samples using: corrugated board or card stock
  • Plaques using: steel, aluminum, copper or granite
  • Wood cabinets or wood ornaments using: low cost wood or particle board to print the patterns of fine wood such as cherry, oak, mahogany and more

Let your imagination and your entrepreneurial spirit free; there are few limitations as to the surfaces you wish to print on.

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