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Falcon 330010' UV Roll 2 Roll


Best of All Worlds

A UV Roll 2 Roll suited perfectly to print fabric and vinyl applications that are up to 10' wide or multiple smaller rolls simultaneously. Print on the largest variety of Roll media with our NO pinch roller system using CMYK and White UV Inks that adhere to nearly anything at high speed and 2400 dpi output.
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Falcon 3300

Falcon 3300 XL 10' Roll to Roll
Dual Roll Capability
Load multiple rolls to increase productivity and efficiency for your business. Air rods stabilize the media and maintaining a consistent feed regardless of the weight of the media. Print 1, 2 or 3 rolls of media or jobs without having to worry about skewing with the Falcon 3300 XL. StratoJet incorporates Accurate Dot Placement technology (ADP) which integrates a printer controller system for color management software to assign a specific drop size and position, allowing the user to print sharp text and line art with vibrant colors and speed.
Low Cost of Operation
With production speeds over 1000 ft2/hr, there are no wait times as prints come out dry for finish delivery thus reducing time monitoring the printer along with low maintenance printing. Get more scratch resistance than any other technology in this segment, reducing the risk of any damage or inks smudged prints
Advanced Media Grip
The Falcon 3300 XL has adapted an innovative and unique roller media feed system that removes all media handling and movement issues that are notorious issues with a traditional pinch roller mechanism. This makes this printer faster with more consistent high-quality printing than any other printer in its class
Ricoh Heads
The StratoJet Falcon uses a print head made by Ricoh, known for its high quality, durability and consistent performance, that comes with a special circuit board to allow for individually control of pressure, temp and purging.

StratoJet's variable drop size, grayscale technology and ADP (Advanced Drop Placement) allows you to print a variable drop size at 5, 10, and 15 picoliters (PL) and overlaying the drops achieving a printing resolution up to 2400 dpi.
SAV - PVC Banner - Backlit Film - Window Film - Canvas - Vinyl - Mesh - One Way Vision - Photo Paper - PP paper - and much more

Total Control & One Ink system

Print on virtually any roll media up to 10' (3 m) and offer your customers the largest verity of media. All our UV printers use the same print heads, printer carriage and Inks.

Printers Like No others...

...and we mean NONE !


Innovative and Robust

To increase reliability, StratoJet uses high-end Servo motors instead of using significantly inexpensive and low consistency DC motors. To ensure fidelity across the print image, particularly when working on tiled applications. StratoJet chooses to use an ink delivery system that 'pulls' the ink with vacuum, instead of the much less efficient positive pressure system, all other printers use. Ever heard of Inks drying in the Heads...?

Remote Tech

We use the highest quality components in our printers and designed ground up with serviceability in mind. If there's an issue, with a password, we log into your printer remotely, then read, evaluate log files and fix issues remotely; yes, remotely! We found the most of service calls are not due to hardware issues. Stratojet starts by training our technicians to be application experts before they become a hardware technician.

More for Less

Our Water Cooled LED Curing Lamps have exceptional long life, and not a consumable part and low-power consumption. The lamps don't need to warm up, need to be be adjusted and instantly cures the ink, while generating low heat, to allow more print applications that are heat sensitive. Depending on the media or printing environment, static can cause quality issues, so to minimize this, an anti-static bar is built into the printer carriage.


Pure. Professional. Performance.
NO Pinch Rollers, Duel Roll feed, Duel Take-Up Reel, Duel Air Rods
Max Thickness
20 mil (0.5 mm)
Roll Media Support
Up to 131” wide (3.3m wide)
Media Type
Banners, Vinyls, Papers, Fabrics, Backlit Fabric
Maximum Speed
1410 ft2/hr (131 m2/hr)
Production Speed
805 ft2/hr (75 m2/hr)
Quality Speed
582 ft2/hr (54 m2/hr)
Print Head Resolution
2400 dpi
Drop Size
Variable 5, 15 & 25 Picoliters with ADP (Advanced Dot Placement)
Maximum Print Width
126” (320 cm)
UV Curing Lamp Type
LED, estimated life 18,000* hrs
Ink Type
Sola UV Curable Ink
Ink Capacity
2.5 Liter Reservoirs
Supported RIP Software
Ergosoft / Onyx / Flexi / Caldera / StratoFlex
Assembled Dimensions
(L x W x H) 218”x 40”x 67” (554 x 100 x 169 cm)
Shipping Dimensions
(L x W x H) 226”x44”x76” (572 x 110 x 192 cm)
Shipping Weight
~6614 lbs (~3000 Kg)
68 to 86 F (20 to 30 C)
40% to 70% Non-Condensing
208 - 220 VAC 50/60 Hz 30A, Single Phase, Single Plug
Weight Assembled
~5071 lbs (~2300 Kg)


Time Savings Compared to other Current Printers
Overall Print Speeds90%
White Ink Handeling75%
Startup Shutdown Time Savings73%
Head Prep and Purge81%
Less Maintenance and Upkeep82%
Output Quality At Speed95%
Ease of Use80%